Welcome to the Language Center!

Language Center helps students in a way schools cannot – we provide tutoring, enrichment, and guidance that has been individualized for each specific student. We works with learning centers and content providers to provide customized programs based on our unique data-driven assessments, reports, software tools, and supplemental curriculum resources for our elearning programs.

Why the Language Center!

  • Quality language courses and dynamic teachers
  • Excellent value for money
  • Great social activities depending on program
  • Amazing service – we ensure you get the most out of your time with us
  • The Language Center is committed to acting honourably, and wants to have a positive effect on the world

At the Language center we offer  language learning experience which is both fun and educational. We want our students to feel part of something special, something different. With us, you will experience more than just learning a foreign language; you will be part of our local and global family!

Our fantastic social programme offers you the chance to get a taste of everything Zimbabwe has to offer, and provides you with lots of opportunities to speak your chosen in real social environments. Inside the classroom, we find that our students learn language faster when they’re having fun!

Our teachers have the passion and experience to ensure that you achieve all of your learning objectives in an interesting and fun manner. We carefully select teachers who understand your goals and work hard to build a close relationship with you. On top of this, we have a great support team in the school,who are there to make sure your stay is as educational and enjoyable as possible.

Learning Center helps you to

  • build and understand language skills through powerful materials.
  • Provide supplemental language web courses and  e-software for you and  and your career skills development.
  • Develop dynamic college and career preparation classroom initiatives.
  • Offer world-class professional development workshops for language educators.

Course Price

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